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Khaled Farhad is a multi-talented professional with expertise in Brand Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing and entrepreneurship. As the founder of Inspire Academy, hundreds of students have benefited from learning digital marketing, web development and graphic design. Khaled’s digital agency, Brand Square, offers comprehensive services. As a community leader on Redbubble Bangladesh, Khaled fosters creativity and collaboration. Additionally, his contributions to stock sites like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock and Freepik showcase his talent in stock designs, images, and footages. With a passion for innovation and excellence, Khaled brings creativity and value to every project.


2015 - 2023

Brand Designer

Fiverr & Upwork

Khaled Farhad is an accomplished Brand Designer with a keen eye for innovation and a passion for creating impactful visual identities. With a wealth of experience in the field, Khaled brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to every project. His designs not only captivate the audience but also communicate the essence of a brand, reflecting a deep understanding of brand psychology.

Known for pushing the boundaries of conventional design, Khaled Farhad has a distinctive style that seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. His work goes beyond just creating logos and graphics; it tells a story, evoking emotions and establishing a lasting connection between brands and their audience.

Khaled Farhad is not just a designer; he is a storyteller who uses visuals to convey the essence of a brand, leaving a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. 

2015 - 2023

Web Developer

Fiverr & Upwork

Khaled Farhad is a talented and creative Web Developer who excels in crafting captivating and user-friendly websites. With a keen eye for design and a commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences, Khaled brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to every project.

Known for his attention to detail, Khaled Farhad has a proven track record of producing websites that not only meet the functional requirements but also stand out visually. His ability to create responsive and visually appealing interfaces ensures that the websites he develops provide an engaging and seamless experience across different devices.

Staying abreast of the latest trends in web development, Khaled approaches each project with a fresh perspective, incorporating innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of clients. His commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability to emerging technologies makes him a valuable asset in the ever-evolving field of web development.

2015 - 2023

Digital Marketing Strategist

Fiverr & Upwork

Apart from being a brand designer and web developer, Khaled Farhad stands as a seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist, adding a strategic layer to his creative expertise. With an acute understanding of the digital landscape, Khaled crafts marketing campaigns that go beyond aesthetics, ensuring they align with overarching business objectives.

In the realm of Digital Marketing, Khaled leverages his strategic mindset to create targeted and effective campaigns. From social media strategies to SEO optimization, he navigates the intricacies of online promotion to elevate brands and drive tangible results.


2019 - 2023

Bachelor Degree In International Relations

Bangladesh University of Professionals

Throughout his academic journey, he has gained a transformative experience and developed a comprehensive understanding of global affairs. Engaging coursework and a diverse student community have provided him with valuable insights into the complexities of international relations.

With a focus on global dynamics, Khaled has honed crucial analytical and strategic skills necessary for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of international relations. His education has equipped him to critically analyze and interpret global issues, ranging from diplomatic relations to economic policies and human rights.



Pathshala South Asian Media Institute

Throughout the experience at Pathshala, Khaled immersed in the world of visual storytelling, honing technical and artistic skills. The Photography Foundation course equipped with a comprehensive understanding of camera techniques, composition, lighting, and post-processing.

Through photography education, Khaled not only developed technical proficiency but also learned to tell stories through visual narratives. A unique perspective and distinct style emerged, showcasing creativity and individuality.



Adobe Illustrator



Adobe Photoshop






Adobe XD






Adobe Premiere Pro



5 Feb 2023

Top Earner

Top Earner Award Winner

19 April 2019

Outstanding Delegate

Intra Model United Nations Conference