Khaled Farhad

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Khaled Farhad is a multi-talented professional with expertise in Brand Design, Web Development & Digital Marketing.

Khaled’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of Inspire Academy, a leading IT institute in Bangladesh. At Inspire Academy, hundreds of students learn web development, digital marketing and graphic design, gaining valuable skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital world.

As the founder of Brand Square a renowned one stop digital agency, Khaled and his team provide a comprehensive range of digital marketing and branding services. As a community leader on Redbubble Bangladesh, Khaled fosters creativity and collaboration. Additionally, his contributions to stock sites like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock and Freepik showcase his talent in stock designs, images, and footages. 

With a diverse skill set, a strong entrepreneurial drive, and a commitment to excellence, Khaled Farhad is a versatile professional who brings creativity, innovation, and value to every project. 


2015 - 2023

Web Developer

2015 - 2023

Brand Designer

2015 - 2023

Digital Marketing Strategist


Founder & Lead Mentor



2015 - 2023

Visual Stock Contributor

2019 - 2023

Community Leader

2019 - 2023

Bachelor In International Relations

Bangladesh University of Professionals

Dhaka, Bangladesh

2019 - 2020

Photography Foundation

Pathshala South Asian Media Institute

Dhaka, Bangladesh

2016 - 2017

Intermediate English

British Council

Dhaka, Bangladesh



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